Ang Friendship na Nagsimula sa “NO ID, NO ENTRY”

This is a story of myself and Jearalyn Lagmay (BORXA). We started as classmates in a University at our place, we were taking up Nursing. Nung una medyo intimidated ako because she has this strong personality, at sobrang favorite niya si Regine Velasquez. One day, nung papasok na ko naharang ako sa gate ng school because I don’t have my ID. The next thing I did, I called Borxa, barkada kasi niya mga guard ng school, kumpare to be exact. So without second thought pinapasok ako ng guard and then we became close.

We graduated last 2011 and then even after college we’re still close. We passed our boards and I decided to work in a government hospital and she didn’t. Around year 2015, I applied work abroad and so did she, parehas kaming naging OFW at the same time. Me as a staff nurse sa isang hospital sa Saudi at siya bilang Private Duty Nurse ng isang senior sa Saudi. Most of the time, we talked through video calls. Same time umalis kami ng Saudi and continued our journey in another country.

2019, we worked as a Nursing Associate in Singapore. And now, I’m back dito sa Saudi and she stays in Singapore. We were miles apart but we never fail to talk to each other. She is the only person that I can’t talk all sort of thing and like Eat Bulaga we will continue to be friends forever #LegitDabarkads

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