Jericho Rosales, Mr. Pogi 1996

We Filipinos believe that things happen for a reason. What would look like a chance occurrence to other people is to us, at least in hindsight, something that was meant to happen, much like the story of Eat Bulaga’s Mr.Pogi 1996, Jericho Rosales. 

Everything changed when he chanced upon the auditions for Mr. Pogi. Echo was initially hesitant, but his nephew who was also his best friend egged him on by saying that, win or lose, they stood to earn what must have been a good deal of money for them.

“For me, parang naisip ko na lang bigla: 1,500. 3,000. Hanggang doon lang. Di ko naisip na, pag sumali ako, anong mangyayari?”

But as he competed and won, Echo began to appreciate the experience. Echo talks about how surreal the finals was, especially when the host called out his name as Mr. Pogi for 1996.

To this day, Echo says that his trophy as Mr. Pogi has pride of place among the dozens of awards he has received in a long, fruitful career as an actor.

“Di ko inakala na mangyayari ‘to,” Echo says. “Eat Bulaga was a big part of that, na na-discover mo na, di ba, anong klaseng tao ka. Sino ka.”

“And I’m still grateful until now.”

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